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what we take

Bring us your gently used items and we sell it for you. Once it sells, we split the profit. Clothing items brought in will be put under contract for 90 days. If it sells in the first 30 days we split the profit 50/50. If it sells after 30 days the shop keeps 60%. if it doesn't sell here, we'll donate it for you! We don't charge item or stocking fees, however, items brought in that are less than perfect condition will either be turned down or will be repaired by our team for a small fee (amount of the fee depends on amount of damage). Use the "Contact Us" tab to set up an appointment. 

use the 'contact us' tab at the top of the page to set up an appointment

Women's Dresses and Tops 

Women's Shoes

Jewelry & handbags

Local Made Art & Wearables (see "Local and Handmade" Tab for info)

how consignment works

Men's or Children's Clothing

Stained, Unlaundered and/or Over-worn Clothing  

Bathing Suits


Athletic Clothing or Shoes