succulent arrangements

learn how to make a succulent arrangement and find out why your plants keep dying. each participant will go home with a beautiful succulent garden and instructions on how to care for your new plant. 

     duration : 1 1/2 hours

      cost : $30

​      skill level : easy

dreamcatchers - not yet available for purcahse

sleep like a little baby angel. Learn how to weave the perfect dreamcatcher and find out why you should never hang one of these from your rear view mirror. 

     duration : 1 1/2 hours

     cost : $40

     skill level : medium

welcome sign - not yet available for purchase

make people feel welcome when they come over. Learn the basics of hand lettering. everyone leaves with a personalized sign and some new skills. 

     duration : 1  hour

     cost : $25

​     skill level : medium

paint pouring - not yet available for purchase

​come get groovy. Learn one of the many ways to paint pour and let your creativity flow. each participant leaves with beautiful creation that looks like it came straight out of a gallery.

​     duration : 1 1/2 hours + time to dry

​     cost : $35

​     skill level : easy

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